Terms and conditions


The terms and conditions described below outline a contract between Spectacular Selfies (us/we/our) and the individuals making the booking (you/your). The contract begins upon receipt of a £50 deposit to secure an agreed date upon which the booking will take place.

We reserve the right to change or update these terms as suits our business model in the future. Please be mindful that changes to these terms may take place and to contact us if you have any queries around changes that are made.


Bookings can be placed by written confirmation (e.g. email) confirming date of booking and estimated period. An initial, non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure this date, which enters you into these terms. An invoice will then be raised confirming the receipt of the deposit and outstanding balance, based on venue and duration of booking.

The magic mirror will be available from the date and time, and for the period, agreed in the initial booking. For example, a 7PM booking for 3 hours will end at 10PM. Regarding timings, the latest we run a mirror booking to is 11.30PM, to avoid conflict with venue closures.

On the day of an event, we will aim to arrive at the venue and set up in ample time to allow full use of the mirror from the time, and for the duration, you have booked, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent planned delivery of service. In the event such circumstances arise, we will contact you at our earliest opportunity to notify you accordingly.

This booking entitles you to:
• Two members of staff attending the mirror for the duration of the booking
• Custom background on your images agreed in advance
• Use of the mirror and a selection of props to be discussed in advance for the duration of the booking
• Unlimited visits to the mirror to take pictures*
• Colour prints of all photographs taken**
• A USB drive containing copies of all photographs taken
* Visits to the mirror are unlimited, however we cap printing at the maximum amount of prints possible from one full roll of paper (400 prints) for a booking of up to 4 hours. Bookings of more than 4 hours will have additional paper available as necessary.
** Standard visits are based on one print per visit. Duplicate prints are possible if requested, for example, for inclusion in a guest book, and are actioned at the discretion of the attendants. Prints in triplicate or greater numbers will be charged for at an additional rate and agreed prior to the event.

Prior to booking, you must ensure that the venue has ample access for the mirror, i.e., a flat surface for access to the building and room (wheelchair access), an available power socket and an area of approximately 6ft x 6ft floor space for the mirror, prop table red carpet, etc. We will also liaise with the venue to ensure access is appropriate, however the responsibility to ensure this remains yours.


Standard booking fees are then an additional £200 for two hours (£250 in total) or £300 for three hours (£350 in total). Booking periods that exceed this are generally booked to a rate of £100 per hour (e.g., £400 for 4 hours), however final quotations will be at our discretion.

Additional transport costs may be incurred if travel to your venue is required, however this will be outlined to you at the point of booking.
Final balances are due 28 days before the date of booking. This can be paid in a single payment or in installments, up to 28 days before the date of booking. Any bookings where this payment is not received in full prior to this date will be forfeit.

Any payments taken towards a booking are non refundable, however payments are transferable to a new booking, pending availability of the mirror.

Technical issues / failure to supply

The magic mirror will be available from the date and time, and for the period, agreed in the initial booking. For example, a 7PM booking for 3 hours will end at 10PM. During this time, minor technical issues, such as changing ink and paper, adjustment of camera, computer glitch, touch screen recalibration or general maintenance may temporarily prevent standard use of the mirror. While issues such as these are an unavoidable aspect of the service, we aim to provide standard service for at least 85% the time booked, with less than 15 % (approximately 5 minutes per hour) used for maintenance if required.

There may be times where factors beyond our control prevent us from either beginning at the agreed time or providing an uninterrupted service. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Traffic or vehicle malfunction
  • Technical issues, such as software or hardware malfunction
  • Illness

In the event that any of these factors, or similar, occur, we will inform you at our earliest opportunity. Any time lost due to these factors during or prior to your event will be added to the time of your booking. For example, a 3 hour booking for 7PM that is delayed by 30 minutes, will end at 10.30PM. In the unlikely event that we are unable to continue or complete the booking due to these factors, a pro-rata refund for the time lost will be issued to you at our earliest opportunity. For example, a 7PM booking for 3 hours that is forced to end prematurely at 9PM will be granted a 1 hour (£100) refund.

Counterpart to this, there may be times where we are able to honour a booking but factors beyond our control prevent us from doing so. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of accessibility for the mirror to the venue#
  • Severe weather, flooding or “act of God”
  • Power outage to the venue

In these instances we will endeavour to deliver our service to the best of our ability however if we are prevented form doing so by factors beyond our control any monies paid towards the booking will be forfeit.

Use of images

Standard practice following an event is for us to create a Facebook album and upload the images and tag the main booking contact (such as bride/groom at a wedding) and venue, if possible. If you do not wish this to be done for your booking, please notify us in advance and we will not upload your images without your consent. We will notify guests of this process by means of a sign near the mirror to allow them to advise us if they also do not wish for this to happen with their photographs. We may also wish to use a selection of images from your event in promotional material, for example, leaflets, posters or for use on our website. We will contact you to gain consent and confirm our intentions prior to use of these images.

Conduct and health and safety

Any staff providing a booking service at your event will make every effect to conduct themselves in a polite, respectful manner to you and your guests. We also expect that you and your guests treat any staff or attendants with equal respect. We reserve the right to refuse service to any guests acting in an abusive, offensive, threatening or violent manner or heavily under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and also reserve the right to terminate any booking where this behaviour is experienced.
We ask any guests using the mirror to do so in a careful manner. We are not responsible for any accidental injury sustained while using the mirror by you or your guests.

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